Rainy Days and Mondays

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New Job

For those of you that don't already know, I've left my position as a Stylist at Topshop to become one of ASOS's Online Personal Stylists!

Sadly, this means I'm no longer able to take appointments, but I'm be available to chat Fridays and Sundays. You can check out my page and top picks here.

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*blowing the cobwebs off*


Fall Prints

I'm often shy of prints. Shy that I'll wear them once before tiring of them. This Zara dress is the perfect exception to the rule. Not so 'on-trend' that I won't be able to wear it next season, and tight enough for me to throw on a skirt and turn it into a top. And look at those sleeves man. I'm having a serious Sixties moment this Autumn.

Dress, Zara / Skirt, H&M / Photography by Steph Dennis


Back To School

I'm back at university for my final year, after almost five months off. Like many others, this is the first and only year of my course that counts toward my degree classification. Here are some things that have changed since first year.

Work Ethic
Library on the first day back? Heck yes. Doing research before you know what you need to research? Well, there's an overriding urge to do something, because this year actually IRL counts. And then there's lecturers saying ridiculously things like 'Don't worry about this bit yet.' I want to, I already am, and I shall regardless.

New Stationary
Went to a tutorial. Thought I was prepared. Transpired that I definitely was not prepared. Panic-bought a 2015 diary (£12 from Paperchase) on my way home? In first year I didn't even have a pen.

Freshers Flu
Over the past two years, I believed my back to school flu to be the result of 13.5% rose wine and cheap vodka. Now that I've eliminated those suspects and still have the sniffles, I've discovered that the responsible culprit is actually just all of the germs everyone picked up at home, festering about the corridors. Nice.

There are two types of people in second year. Those that continue to live as though life is Skins Series 1 & 2, and those that adopt mum wine drinking culture aged nineteen. I was the latter, and now if I'm drinking it's because I've completed my work for the day, and that's either going to take place in my living room, or at a bar in the early evening.

Personal Appearance
I am thankful for the divine intervention that is the trend of normcore coinciding with my final year of uni. That is all.

Anything you think I've missed? Let me know in the comments below:


Sunday Funday

I always work Sundays, and while my Instagram feed fills with posts from friends hiding under duvets in their joggers, I too feel deserving of some comfort. This week, I opted for a delicate Topshop chenille cream jumper, £40. It feels better than a blanket, and doesn't look too lazy when dressed up with a pair of glossy jeans and some snakey chelsea boots.


Chanel RTW SS15- Boys Should Get Pregnant Too (and other face-palms)

Less than a week after Annie Lennox highlighted the rise in brands and artists "taking the word [feminist] hostage and using it to promote themselves" comes the Chanel Spring/Summer '15 finale. There was the usual tweed, suits and Cara Delevigne, but this season Karl Lagerfeld went all Vivienne Westwood on us, closing with a demonstration for women's rights.

Models marched down the runway with megaphones and placards bearing titles like 'He For She', a nod to Emma Watson's recent UN speech. Other signs did not shout such clear messages. Words of female empowerment are not what any of us would have suspected from a man who says things like 'nobody likes a round woman' and that one must treat the house of Chanel 'like a whore' in order to 'get something out of her'. Lovely! [Almost like the man who wrote the lyric 'I'll give you something big enough to tear your ass in two' putting on a feminist art exhibition. Oh. Wait.]

What do we want? PREGNANT BOYS. When do we want them? NOW.

The show left something of a sour, expensive taste. Here's where Karl got it muddled up;

A key focus of Emma Watson's speech was to dispel the myth that feminism is 'man-hating' and to fight for equality. Using a slogan that not only perpetuates the idea that women should come before men, but one that also references a chivalrous term? *puts palm to face*

Or 'Feminist but Feminine' in English. Oh, Karl. It is not revolutionary to look feminine whilst simultaneously wanting equal rights for men and women. You can also be a feminist without being feminine. You can also be a feminist and be a man. Game-changer, right?


It's creeping into the early hours of the morning. A small team of exhausted interns are still awake, with only a few placards left to fill. 'How can we make men and women equal?' 'Pay women the same as men? No, no that's too obvious.' 'Wait, what is it that women do? Have babies! GUYS I'VE GOT IT- boys should get pregnant too!'

Well, the women carrying those placards already do... modelling is one of the few industries where women earn more than men for the same work. From September 2012 to September 2013, the top ten female models earned around $83 million. In the same time period, the ten top-earning male models took in about $8 million. That is to assume that this was a comment on the pay gap at all. Perhaps it meant that ladies can get muscles if they want them? Yeah, prominent women's issues! Go Feminism!

Maybe sack off the tweed and take a peek at Twitter, Karl. You may well learn a lot more about what you're preaching. Hashtags like #YesAllWomen and #WhyIStayed are all worth a look. Nothing on pregnant men as of yet though. #Soz

Jokes aside, feminism is a movement for equal rights, and really shouldn't be used as a fad for profit. As Lennox concludes,"I think for many it's very convenient and it looks great and it looks radical, but I have some issues with it. I think it's a cheap shot."